March 12th, 2010


From Twitter 03-11-2010

  • 09:42:42: Morning. This is one of those mornings where I feel like growling at whoever says "Being woman is beautiful".
  • 12:16:00: Come on people, I'm being good and trying to work and you keep telling me to call you tonight?
  • 13:13:54: Lunch break. I could eat a whole cow today. Hungry..!
  • 13:40:20: Queuing at the post office. Fun way to 'relax' in between shifts :P
  • 18:08:31: Got another cold shower at work. My boss sure knows how to make my coworkers dislike me.
  • 19:19:09: Yup. TezuRyo is a good cure for any kind of bad day. *immersed*
  • 20:12:15: Home alone tonight. Eating warmed over pasta and reading. God, I'm so dreadfully boring.

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