April 3rd, 2010


From Twitter 04-02-2010

  • 07:48:41: Morning! Alone in the office... for 15 minutes more. Ah, the peace...
  • 10:43:21: Dude... it never ends... Why it's still 11:40AM? So boring =_=
  • 10:48:23: My coworkers got their Easter Egg from boss this morning, I got to go home yesterday with it..with some serious trouble in trasporting it XD
  • 11:26:32: Just spent the last 20 minutes solving a words puzzle with a coworker XD
  • 14:36:40: So damn tired. Having nothing to do in an office is draining. Think I'll try to read some Sherlock Holmes...
  • 18:38:04: At the movies! Gonna finally see Alice in Wonderland!! Johnny *¤*
  • 21:26:11: Although I saw in the during the ending titles Alan Rickman, Imelda, Timothy.. I didn't notice them in the movie!
  • 22:10:19: Gotta get up early tomorrow... moronic postal man sent my D-Boys photobook at a storage facility outside of Milan *murderous*

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