April 27th, 2010


From Twitter 04-26-2010

  • 13:53:41: Hiya. 10 minutes til the end of my lunch break.I'm stuck all week with the new guy,did I mention he really rubs me in the wrong way? :\
  • 13:54:12: Good thing is today I got to show off my nails! I'll try to take a pic tonight and show them to you XD
  • 14:45:12: Wonder if I'll ever manage to finish The Sign of the 4... I've been stuck with 5 pages left for more than a week... pathetic -__-
  • 14:55:42: These are the things I think about while doing a mind-numbing job like calling people up for job interviews =_=
  • 16:11:50: I'm usually not that intolerant,but the new guy irks me in such a way..I feel myself twitching thinking I still have 3 hours alone with him
  • 16:14:48: Maybe I'm this irritable cuz today it hit me how much I miss talking to Chris, Fila, Katka, Sam... I feel alone and cut off.
  • 19:51:28: Out at last. It seems more changes are on the way. Stupid boss with his changing his mind every week.
  • 21:09:50: Have you ever tried libanese cuisine? My friend is suggesting we go eat it, but I have no idea what to expect from it...

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