June 4th, 2010


From Twitter 06-03-2010

  • 07:33:29: Good morning! Thursday..week almost over. Hope I'll get everything done today. Off to work!
  • 11:14:16: Mirror mirror on the wall/who's the fliest bitch of them all... Damn it, why do I have a Christina Aguilera song stuck in my head?!
  • 15:42:17: Just noticed someone from the D-Boys info blog is rplying to replies... should I try it? *_* @madcathouse u're with me?
  • 16:17:20: One, two, three...Peter, Paul and Mary getting down with 3 P... somebody exorcize me!!
  • 16:38:40: I ate risotto and a slice of pizza for lunch. Now it's 5:30PM and I'm hella hungry... this is worrying >_>
  • 17:00:47: YES! 6PM! Going home! See ya <3
  • 18:47:48: Eating Burger's King junk food while watching Italy lose against Mexico. This is gonna be one embarrassing World's Cup...
  • 19:17:39: Think if I replied to one of Yanagi's tweets and he happened to open my profile he'd get freaked out..? >_>
  • 20:32:22: I refuse to be an old lady and go to bed now,but I didn't sleep a lick last night and tom. in the office might be dangerous...
  • 20:32:48: *sigh* So I guess it's goodnight. *big kiss to each of you*

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