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Stefy ~ ステフィ
05 June 2010 @ 04:02 am

  • 07:38:16: Good morning! Gonna try to go to work with contact lenses today. We'll see how long I last in front of the pc XD
  • 09:30:01: Had twitter open for almost 2 hours and couldn't post, stupid office life!!
  • 09:39:54: How unfair it is that I can see Asian characters on my phone AND NOT ON IE IN THE FREAKING OFFICE?!?
  • 10:22:38: I'm tired of uploading contracts. But at least I have this hour free of bosses... can you tell? :P
  • 11:50:48: I'm almost proud of myself for not yelling like a banshee with my coworker.Imbecile "forgot" to tell me something that will likely lend me..
  • 11:51:32: ..in a shitload of trouble. Excuse my french, but MOTHERFUCKING FUCK!!!
  • 13:34:27: Can this day be over? Please?
  • 17:26:47: Finally on my way home. And I illuded myself it was gonna be a quiet day...
  • 17:32:48: Stop calling,stop calling,I don't wanna talk anymore..My tele-e-e-phone! Today is Gaga's turn.. Damned pop songs u can't get out of ur head.

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