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Stefy ~ ステフィ
10 June 2010 @ 04:04 am

  • 08:39:03: Good morning! Abt to arrive to work. Boss asked me to translate for him 3 pages from english to italian... Hope it goes ok! XD
  • 17:47:37: Just realized I haven't said a thing all day... the disadvantage of sitting at the main desk =_=
  • 17:48:26: I'm still in a bad mood over a Tenimyu review I read last night...
  • 17:49:12: And why can't I Retweet?!? *grumble+
  • 18:20:11: Going home! Though the subway is stopping for an eternity in each station.. >_>
  • 18:21:09: RT @saputella: I am so sick of this over-capacity crap.
  • 18:22:10: Overcapacity can kiss my ass! Damn it!!
  • 19:32:36: Waiting for mother to relinquish the bathroom... head is itching with all this heat, daaamn!
  • 20:09:01: Mom left the bathroom,gotta go for a bit.In the midtime Chris...any idea why Yanagi is at the bottom?cant translate flash page :((
  • 20:10:14: *dumbass* I meant here at the bootm http://www.d-boys.com/d-boysstage2010/trial-2/cast.html
  • 21:40:40: Ok folks,time to tuck in unfortunately :( Thanks for the fun!! <3 <3

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