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Stefy ~ ステフィ
15 June 2010 @ 04:03 am

  • 08:37:31: Morning!My week didn't start well..dad broke my Kuroshitsuji mug ;_; I keep 1 fandom thing and he managed to kill it!
  • 12:04:10: 3 hours of work and already close to a nervous breakdown... heeelp!!!
  • 18:20:39: Going hooome! Can't wait to take the contacts out.. Thinking of what to cook for dinner.
  • 18:41:46: Pleasant to get home + have dad shove his cell in my hand to fix his wifi connection without being able to drop my bags or take my shoes of
  • 19:31:42: Fratelli d'Italia... Our time has come! *nervous wreck*
  • 19:39:03: Fabio, stop going ahead. The first ball they get and they'll score!
  • 19:41:12: Whoa De Rossi, that was GOOD!
  • 19:44:45: Holy cows, so much rain! O_O
  • 19:50:57: shitshitshit!
  • 19:52:03: fuck it!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • 19:59:18: Dude, score already you guys!! You're always there, just effing bring it home!
  • 20:09:24: Why are we always such MORONS???
  • 20:16:50: Did I mention my boos is there watching the game? Of course we're losing =_=
  • 20:22:42: See why I'm rarely here when I'm watching football? I tend to curse...a tiny bit... *blush*
  • 20:45:02: Can our commentators put a sock in it and SHUT UP? Worst jinxers I've ever seen!
  • 20:50:13: SIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I knew it would be you De Rossi, I knew it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • 20:50:46: :D :D :D You're making me want to dance naked just for you boys *__*
  • 21:07:04: Damn the Paraguay keeper, we deserved at least 2 more goals.
  • 21:10:10: SHIT!! And that should have been 3!
  • 21:22:14: Se why I *love* the World's Cup?Seeing teams not yell and want to kill each other,intsead hugging and complementing each other at the end :)
  • 21:33:26: I was honestly expecting to lose.Now that I can breathe again I can go to sleep with ease :) See you tomorrow! <3

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