June 17th, 2010


From Twitter 06-16-2010

  • 08:38:42: Happy morning to y'all.The water was cut off in my building and I had to wash with mineral water. And I just missed the subway.
  • 08:40:40: It's one of those mornings... The first person to attempt to talk to me might get killed.
  • 13:32:14: I want to go out to cure the bad mood but it's raining. Boo!
  • 14:31:19: Aaand my period came! Why do I either have a good day or a horrible one with ne in-between?
  • 17:53:49: Counting down the minutes. There's a crow making noise outside... feels like the prelude to a horror movie >_>
  • 20:06:28: Just ordered Yanagi's book on CdJapan (and Haru Doko) *cough* Just lost about a month of paycheck but for the boys... I'm willing *sucker*
  • 21:49:46: I'm off to bed gals, see you tomorrow! <3

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