June 18th, 2010


From Twitter 06-17-2010

  • 08:42:40: Shit, shit, shit, running late!! And the torrential rain isn't helping. Err.. Morning guys.
  • 11:15:23: Got to work with my shoes and pants soaked through,they're still wet ;_; At least I got to sit in the "side" desk and twitter.
  • 12:55:39: Why can't I visualize asian characters on this pc? Why??? *looks mournfully at the D-BOYS twitter posts*
  • 13:24:56: Lunch break. Eating a small focaccia. Usually I'm more hungry than this.
  • 18:35:14: Gotta work an extra hour alone...was planning on doing shit but boss showed up =_=
  • 18:55:24: He was supposed to get back on Monday, DAMN IT!!!! Sigh... the peace and quiet are over.
  • 19:19:59: Going home at last.No internet tonight since I'll have to open the office tomorrow,
  • 19:21:57: It's so freaking cold out, what's happening?! And I'm wearing a sweater too...
  • 20:09:24: Mexico, you better deliver. Give me the biggest gift ever: Beat France! >D
  • 21:08:14: OMG, Mexico I loooove youuuu!!!! <3
  • 21:21:32: Oh wow... now Italy can even go out at this first round, I don't care. I feel accomplished XD THANK YOU, MEXICO! XD
  • 21:24:17: And on this happy, happy note I'm going to bed <3 Congrats, #daydreamer64 !

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