June 21st, 2010


From Twitter 06-20-2010

  • 12:34:07: Dear God,I feel like an old lady. I pulled a muscle in my neck while sneezing this morning and I now can't effing move >_>
  • 14:53:43: Italy is about to play... wish us luck, we'll need it.
  • 15:08:16: Fabio.... idiot. Twice in 2 games.
  • 15:29:52: THANK YOU GOD!
  • 16:06:09: Going to grandma.. Gonna miss a good chunk of the second half ;_;
  • 17:21:30: I wouldn't be mad (we're embarassing as a team now) if it wasn'v for the cheap tricks to waste time at the end. Pathetic,New Zeland.

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