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Stefy ~ ステフィ
25 June 2010 @ 04:03 am

  • 08:29:57: Morning. Been outsted from my own home by the guy fixing our faucets. Gonna hide at Mc Donald for a spot of breakfast.
  • 09:01:59: Dude, how did I miss the Atobe-Ryoma coming to life yesterday? #wimbledon
  • 12:44:56: Preparing myself to get clobbered... Be gentle with us, @angelalia #worldcup
  • 12:50:57: Oooooh! Seem like we might close down the office for the game and go see it at the neaby bar... oh please,please be so! #worldcup
  • 12:55:55: Preparing myself to get clobbered... Be gentle with us, @ovciatko #worldcup
  • 15:54:01: I can't even cry, they don't deserve my tears.
  • 18:25:38: Congratulations to Slovakia. You deserved to win. Hope Lippi will get skinned alive when they get back.
  • 21:06:11: It'll never chase to be disturbing to get home and realize your dad used ur laptop to browse hard movies... 3 days in a row...
  • 21:06:38: ... I should disable the option of opening Firefox to the last visited page >_>
  • 21:32:44: Bed. Now. Eyes burn and public transportation strike tomorrow. Nighty night! <3

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