July 9th, 2010


From Twitter 07-08-2010

  • 07:39:06: Mom came home last night,with a 'either viral or bacterical infection'.Way to do your jobs,doctors.
  • 07:40:20: Anyway,I'm posting mainly to thank you all for your msgs last night..thank you,thank you and I love you.
  • 13:22:56: Lunch break with take-out chinese. My head is so out of it today...I'm probably messing v at work. Ugh,
  • 17:22:35: Going home.I remembered now that last night was White Night,with all the shops open til 2AM and doing sales.
  • 17:24:00: Can't even muster up energy to go shop-hunting now, bah.
  • 17:26:21: Oh! And tomorrow? Public transportation strike! I get to go in the office at 9AM and get out at 8PM. Yippie!

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