July 10th, 2010


From Twitter 07-09-2010

  • 07:40:10: Good morning! Forgot again to say good night last night..Going to the office 2 hours earlier thanks to the strike.
  • 07:41:37: I'll try to gain time by getting breakfast, after that hope to find something to amuse myself with >_>
  • 08:31:12: Hit the postal office. Now having breakfast at Mc Donald's. Damn italian shops for not opening before 10AM.
  • 14:17:30: Just ate the most disgusting thing ever,with cheese in it.. it tasted like feet. It looked so good when I got it ;__;
  • 14:18:36: BTW, feeling angry at the world for some reason. Might bite someone's head off at work before the day is over.

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