July 12th, 2010


From Twitter 07-11-2010

  • 10:26:08: Morning pals! Just washed my hair, then washed the floor...Now waiting further instructions from Mother for lunch.
  • 11:38:39: Just ate lunch,man that was early >_> Roasted chicken,potatoes and zucchini flowers.
  • 15:14:51: Boo. I downloaded TVU PLayer on this laptop,but it says the channell Tv Tokyo is not available U.U
  • 16:31:11: God,I know that if and when I'll get to read Yanagi's book or a review on it I'll cry like a baby... ugh... ;__;
  • 18:48:57: Ok. I need to watch at least a j drama to feel like I put this Sunday to good use. Recommendations?
  • 20:48:31: MAAAHHH I hate you ameblo!!! Let me save this pic, damn it!!! http://ameblo.jp/kimeru-days/image-10576214367-10614237677.html
  • 22:44:46: Ok, another week about to start =_= Better go to bed. See you guys, g'night <3

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