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Stefy ~ ステフィ
12 August 2010 @ 04:02 am

  • 09:43:12: Good morning! Last night it hit full blow that I'll be in London in a week... and panicked a bit ^^; Now busy planning all the journeys...
  • 10:00:49: I got all excited about being home alone and having the new living room table for myself...excitement is wearing off now that I realized I
  • 10:01:08: have to more or less LAY on said table to be able to type >_>
  • 13:12:51: Freaking out a bit... how long do you think it'll take to go through Hyde Park?
  • 14:29:08: Going out for some trip shopping... where am I gonna find a raincoat in August? >_>
  • 18:18:37: Is Regent's Park worth visiting? :\ Damn, too many things, too many! >_<
  • 20:10:14: Printing maps of London's parks while playing Pigg... my multi-tasking vein is coming back XD
  • 20:18:16: There's a guy in Pigg who's username is Shota... *mind out the gutter!*
  • 21:14:09: Why am I sleepy to the point of yawing at 10PM?

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