August 15th, 2010

DBOYS Yanagi Tummy

Yanagi dream...!!

I don't have much time today since it's a religious holiday and I'll have to go out with my relatives in a few (gonna miss the Pigg fun ;___; Who will show up this week, do we know?)

But I had to post this.
Apparently freaking out about London produces... Yanagi dreams with Katka in them XD
The beginning is weird and jungled, I don't remember much. What I do remember is that Igarashi was there, we were in a sort of school-environment and somehow he knew I wanted to meet Yanagi (I told him? He had a sixth sense? No idea XD).
Anyway, as we were leaving the school grounds (which looked taken out of a japanese anime XD) Yanagi walks in through the gates so I blurt out "Hi Yanagi!"... he looks at me and says Hi back but you could tell he wasn't paying much attention XD

After that somehow I found myself in a suburban area on the outskirts of London with Katka :P
For some reason the outskirts of London looks like something taken out from "Little house on the Prairie"... so Katka and I (and a third person, no idea who that was) walk up a small hill, turns a corner and found ourselves inside the D-Boys rehearsing camp. Cause you know their headquarter is on the outskirts of London and looks like a boyscouts camp!
A bunch of them was sitting on this long wooden bench, on the right end there were Yanagi and Yuyan, wearing the clothes they have in the Darling PB (remember the setting with the tea cups? Those clothes).
We make a show of walking past them cause we felt like we weren't supposed to be there, so on we go... and as we're walking on I grab Katka's head and turn it toward the boys, cause she was missing it! Apparently Yanagi had Yuyan on his lap o.O (not the other way around, mind...)
Much silent squealing ensues.
We pass them, walk on a bit and then round back to leave the same way we came... as we pass them we look over and they were mingling among themselves, Yanagi was on his feet. He looks at me and goes "Hi Stefania" then blows me a kiss in that teasing way, pretending to be sexy and putting on a show for the other guys. But I still blushed like a schoolgirl... and then I woke up T_T

Oh brain, how twisted and retarded you are....

Well, that's that XD
Are you happy now that you're privy of this very meaningful dream? XD