August 21st, 2010


From Twitter 08-20-2010

  • 10:04:02: Morning! Started the with 311 steps to reach the top of the monument for the 1666 fire..Nice relaxing way to start the day *chockes on air*
  • 12:57:06: Been inside the Tower for 2 hours now. I just started to queue to see the Crown Jewels. I have very low tolerance for people in general ...
  • 18:21:23: I've just been hit on by one of the staff guys of the hotel,apparently him being present when the cell thing happened mean he could ask me
  • 18:21:39: out to dinner tonight >_>*freaked out*
  • 18:37:54: Guess I better go out to get dinner even if I'm not hungry yet...
  • 19:44:55: Seeing the Tower today made me want to watch again the Kuroshitsuji episode with the 2 princes, the ones killed in there...
  • 20:15:30: Shower time
  • 21:29:20: I'm drained. I should be doing the LJ post for today but I can't out it together... =_=

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