September 1st, 2010


From Twitter 08-31-2010

  • 09:37:25: Morning! On my way to work.With my rush to get out of mom's way I forgot mp3 player at home. My one distraction b4 work is gone Y.Y
  • 11:10:47: Damn work PC who doesn't support asian characters, what did Miki-sama say that everyone is Re-Tweeting?!?
  • 12:16:26: Alone for 1 hour while coworkers have their lunch break. @CrissAn Samu said he doesn't want to show you his pics :P
  • 13:15:40: Burning in the sun while eating lunch XD
  • 13:45:46: LMAO, now that Samu was gonna check @CrissAn out, FB is dead XDD
  • 16:14:37: The fun is over... bosses are here =_=
  • 17:48:22: I hate calling people in for interviews... and that's what I've been doing all day long.
  • 19:19:25: Going hooome! Tomorrow morning shift, buggering hell =_=
  • 19:26:20: I love being the one who's doing the bullying for once (winks at @CrissAn and @Tekamen)
  • 21:15:43: I feel like Dr Weird Love... lol, hope you and Samu are behaving yourselves, Sam! :P And most of all don't make my ears ring! XD
  • 21:23:59: Oh Miki-sama, you're giving us YouTube footage of Last Game? *_* I freaking love you, mama.
  • 21:45:36: I hate having the morning shift... it means I have to go to bed T_T See you tomorrow, pretties! <3 <3 <3

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