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Stefy ~ ステフィ
06 September 2010 @ 04:02 am

  • 10:23:42: Morning darlings. Sunday,the day of No Rest in my house since we have to cook for grandma,entertain her and then go to the other grandma's..
  • 10:24:22: Today is no different. What a predictable life I lead XD
  • 10:25:21: Oh and @CrissAn It's Araki and Yamada... I tried sending you the text but yeah... You know,if I were you I'd be royally pissed off at him :(
  • 16:28:14: At grandma's, reading a gossip magazine. I feel sad for myself XD
  • 17:51:15: Waiting for cousins to show up. So bored T_T
  • 21:11:40: Weekend is already over *sniff* Going to sleep since I have to open the office tomorrow. Night! <333

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