September 15th, 2010


From Twitter 09-14-2010

  • 07:58:20: Morning. I got to the new place for the trial,early as usual since the person is not here. I'm scareeed!!
  • 14:55:50: On my way to work after the 'training'.Spent 6h staring at a girl filing numbers in Excel. I wanted to die V.V
  • 16:22:38: ZOMG,the good thing about going to work in the afternoon? 2 asian guys standing pressed against me,one of them looking like Ryuki *_*
  • 16:23:10: At one point he brought out a metallic blue keitai phone, I almost stole it from him XD *g*
  • 18:00:38: So getting paid for half of my salary at the end of the week, the rest at the start of October. Better than I thought...
  • 18:01:28: Right now I'm alone with boss and getting quizzed abt my thesis (the lie I had to mkae up for missing time those 3 days).I feel filty, lying
  • 18:01:44: ...through my teeth with a smile on my face >_>
  • 19:07:03: ZOMG I just made a contract with a client speaking only english. I get excited over so little XD
  • 21:24:09: Got home,had dinner,washed my hair and now I'm ready to crash... see you tomorrow pretties! <3

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