September 28th, 2010


From Twitter 09-27-2010

  • 10:00:40: Mom is going home! I'll see her tonight since I have the last shift. She'll bitch and complain abt the house and us but she'll be home :D
  • 11:49:07: It's so freaking cold in the office today... my week old cold still isn't gone completely, watch me get another one >_>
  • 13:39:56: Attempting to open CafèWorld from work= bad idea. Should find a better way to spend my lunch break.
  • 16:01:23: RT @CrissAn: Fact #1 Guyana (ガイアナ) is not Ghana (ガーナ)and is not Guinea (ギニア).
  • 18:49:09: Thanks to the cold and its "collateral" effect I feel almost incontinent. This is my TMI Tidbit of the day!
  • 18:53:13: 10 minutes... only 10 minutes.And yes, boss left or I wouldn't be on here XD
  • 19:19:47: Little side-effect of having mom home: having to give her injections in the tummy. I'm scared to! ;_;
  • 21:23:52: Put on some blue polish blindly to cover my ugly ugly nails. And now I'm ready to sleep. Night guys! <3

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