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Stefy ~ ステフィ
17 October 2010 @ 04:01 am

  • 09:30:10: Ah,the pleasure of getting yelled at first thing in the morning. First mom greeting me with "Ur face is still swollen!!"
  • 09:32:54: Followed by a 10 min rants on my stupidity! Then getting bullied into going to the drycleaner to drop dad's work shirts and 2 comforters.
  • 09:35:44: Now I've been kicked out again to go to uni. Sure mother, uni prof are gonna be there JUST FOR ME on a Sat morning.
  • 14:18:17: 2 minutes after leaving home I felt a raindrop.. You can't do this to me Weather,not when I have to look around for a gift with a small..
  • 14:19:48: ..bag for practicality with no space for an umbrella.
  • 17:30:38: Heading home finally. Shopping for a guy with expensive tastes is tiring!

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