October 21st, 2010


From Twitter 10-20-2010

  • 09:25:06: Good morning! Just went to uni and since I'm early for work I stopped for breakfast at Mc Donald's.
  • 09:26:43: Wish I could shop around here,need an outfit for Samu's bday since I'm not exactly a disco club kind of gal...
  • 13:10:40: My morning tour-de-force wasn't such a good idea,I feel so sleepy and tired.And I've just been called Mom by one of my coworkers,I'm old V.V
  • 17:23:38: I feel so bitter when my 2collegues are on FB & I'm the idiot working.Even if I tell them to stop they won't.I'm pathetic at being in charge
  • 18:33:54: Half an hour... please give me the strenght...
  • 22:09:11: Knackered. Night babies! <3

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