October 30th, 2010

Coffee Junkie

At work on a Saturday...

... I thought it would be a breeze, with nothing to do instead this is the first breathe I'm taking.

Yesterday I worked from 9AM til 9PM, went home and to bed at 10:30PM and at 9 this morning I was here again.
My brain feels so tired...
I need rest, but more than that to not think.

We're currently blasting the radio since it's just me, Serena and Samu in the office... and I just found myself singing along to "You lost me" by Christina Aguilera. I'm losing my mind XD

What's up with you guys?
I feel like no one is here anymore...
Whoever is here still, what's going on in your life lately?

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    You Lost Me - Christina Aguilera
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