November 17th, 2010


From Twitter 11-16-2010

  • 08:37:10: Good morning peeps! It's raining again, I made a feeble attempt at putting myself in a better mood by going out in a skirt. Sad, very sad.
  • 10:25:34: And the girl handling the payments ain't here yet. Cue irrational anger. Again.
  • 13:49:06: And the people from the call center got paid. This afternoon I'll have some fun. Like coming back from my lunch break and not working.
  • 13:50:02: We'll see who gives in first. Enough is enough and I'm no idiot.
  • 19:07:10: So in the end I got paid. Their excuse? 'Oh sorry, we forgot!' Are you fucking kidding me?! I can't wait for next month. Gonna make a riot.
  • 21:58:58: This is one great song to work out your frustration to. Love it
  • 22:08:30: And on this note, I bid you all good night! <3

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