January 6th, 2011


From Twitter 01-05-2011

  • 08:29:02: Hello. On my way to work and not so cheery about it...and other things.
  • 12:12:21: Never EVER gonna agree to sub for my collegue again.3 hours of pure unadultered HELL in the telemarketing section. I actually missed my job
  • 14:25:02: Anyone has anything good to tell me about? Shitty work problems aren't the best distraction method.
  • 16:38:57: At least 1 good news: office is closed on Friday.
  • 17:19:07: Stupid contact lenses, I'm freaking blind thanks to you!! >__<
  • 18:30:10: Out of the office! I might delay going home... Maybe I'll look around and see if there's anything interesting for the winter sales.
  • 19:36:21: Didn't think possible for dad to be so emotional about it. I'm not the only one still crying over Rocky.

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