January 13th, 2011


From Twitter 01-12-2011

  • 10:45:42: Good morning people! Woke up with one hell of a sore throat and no more honey at home. Today is gonna be a long day.
  • 13:41:00: I don't know if feeling sick is what is making my mood so miserable or viceversa... All I know is that I'm feeling pretty pessimistic today.
  • 14:45:38: Lunch at last. I'm eating pasta with left-over sauce from Sunday's roast. Yummy! :D
  • 17:02:49: I've had it with this job and the stupid people that calls here. *rage!*
  • 20:27:13: I managed to (almost) keep up with LJ for 2 days,this is some sort of record! XD I want to get back to it... I'm trying guys :(
  • 22:24:10: Why do girls group always manage to make catchier pop songs than boys groups?

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Attempting to dabble back in with a meme....

.... I know this is not the best way to get back in touch with you all, but it's been so long and I feel awkward, not sure what to post about beside boring RL stuff that none of you would care about ;)
I hope this will help some of you forgive me for having been absent and a generally awful friend for this long... I'M TRULY SORRY :(

Day One: Ten things you want to say to ten different people right now.
Day Two: Nine things about yourself.
Day Three: Eight ways to win your heart.
Day Four: Seven things that cross your mind a lot.
Day Five: Six things you wish you’d never done.
Day Six: Five people who mean a lot (in no order whatsoever)
Day Seven: Four turn offs.
Day Eight: Three turn ons.
Day Nine: Two images that describe your life right now, and why.
Day Ten: One confession.

1. I miss the way we used to talk every single day via email or on LJ with silly replies that went on for hours... I keep wanting to find a way to get back to that, or at least keeping in touch more than we do now. I guess there's some truth to the fact that you don't truly realize how much something means to you until you don't have it anymore. I really really miss you, my first D-Boys friend :(

2. I keep wondering if you're ok and how things are going at home. We've both been swamped by RL and I don't know how to catch up. I always felt incredibly comfortable confiding in you so this is hitting me hard. Just know you're always in my thoughts, stay strong!

3. Will I ever be brave enough to ask for your email or cell number? Even just your address would suffice, so I could send you silly things for Christmas or your birthday, or maybe harass you with Alien pics 0=)

4. I had the best time when we met, however brief that day was. If you ever felt like visiting Milan know you'd always be more than welcome!! ;)

5. It seems impossible that it's already been almost a year since you were here visiting. We've barely been able to keep in touch since then and it fills me with no end of guilt. How is uni going?

6. RL is a bitch for getting in the way of you and I discussing this new fandom you conked me into :P Either way, I hope uni won't swamp you and that you'll still be able to catch your breathe and have some fun. Mail me one of your cakesss! XD

7. Everytime I hear sport news I want to check with you and see what you think and then I never get the chance! How's your love for Milan going these days? Still strong or have hot tennis boys taken over for good? :P

8. You were one of my first online friends, and probably the one I have the longest history with. I HATE how far apart we seem to have grown, I want to find a mean where we can properly talk and catch up. So you can mock my italian ass all you want :P

9. It seems like we're never in sync! First your year long hiatus, and then when you came back I was the one who started disappearing! I miss you cutie-pie, you're such sweetie and I miss being silly with you!

10. It's crazy that we live so close and get to keep in touch so little XD I'm sorry if I've seemed so very weird and boring the few times we met, I'm probably more interesting with a computer filtering my shyness *blush* You on the other hand are incredbily fun!

... I think those will be pretty easy to figure out for the 10 interested people :)
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