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Stefy ~ ステフィ
29 January 2011 @ 03:02 am

  • 10:43:15: Good morning. Woke up early to fight with the phone guys again,they're someone out tonight.But I'm sure smth else will go wrong.
  • 10:44:13: Doesn't matter. It's Friday, that will be my happy thought all day long :)
  • 14:37:58: Cantonese rice, the cure against any bad mood. At least for me :P
  • 18:31:37: And obviously all the end-of-the-month work piled up tonight while I'm on my own.... HEEELP!!
  • 18:36:04: I'll never lose weight if I don't stop stress-eating. I need a new outlet XD
  • 20:43:29: Out of the office, at last. Now I hope that by some miracle I'll get home and at least phone and internet will be back.
  • 21:08:41: Oooh pizza. With wurstel on top. Yes Friday, I love you.
  • 21:42:43: A collegue read that apples' vinegar can help lose weight if drank 30min b4 meals.I decided to try. Bad idea. Ugh.The acid >_<

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