February 4th, 2011


From Twitter 02-03-2011

  • 10:43:13: Morning! On my way to work and already dreading the course I'll have to give. Apparently the consultant is a cute guy...
  • 10:44:23: Shoot me now before I throughly embarrass myself...
  • 19:05:02: The new consultant? A total dud... he doesn't even have an email. Did I mention we sell internet connections and the likes? .... =_=
  • 19:22:25: I'm seriously considering buying the China Glaze Matte Magic polish on Ebay... and Samu is encoraging me to... somebody stop meee!!!

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PoT Fly

Household tasks are easier and quicker when they are done by somebody else.

For once I bring a non-gloomy update!
This morning I went down to go to work and a nice little package was waiting for me by the door... a wonderful little package from New York full of amazing things! *_*
THANK YOU none_neither and Samantha!!! ♥ ♥ ♥
Does Sam has a new LJ or not?)

I tried some of the goodies right away, like the strawberry Pocky which was finished very quickly thanks to my coworkers. Hey, we're a country who only has chocolate Pocky so the strawberry one caused amazement and much sniffing/tasting :P

Among the goodies I also found some purdy earrings and 2 gorgeous nail polishes *___*
I have one of those on right now, I crappily applied during lunch break so it's still a work in progress but you can see it here:

... I felt picture happy today, I even have a disturbing pic of the infamous "least favorite consultant", maybe one of these days I'll share it so you can see why I call him the Hunchback of Notre Dame >_>
*is a bitch*