February 9th, 2011


From Twitter 02-08-2011

  • 08:31:39: Morning! Mother hogged the bathroom longer than usual cause she has to go to work later..she's always so considerate of other people..
  • 08:34:04: If I'll have to skip breakfast Imma cut someone... Err, hi people! ^^;
  • 09:14:50: Breakfats: done. Work: already started. Yippie! =_=
  • 10:06:52: Oh,the lulz. We can't call from our office phones, we called assistence and we got told they suspended the service for 2 unpaid bills.
  • 14:34:44: Practically downing my food whole. Boss decided to give us co extra job 5 min b4 lunch break. I should have gone to break 1hour and 1/2 ago
  • 20:13:04: I'm home. Eating a quick dinner before working again. All cause my boss is a certified idiot and a jerk on top of it.

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