April 28th, 2011


From Twitter 04-27-2011

  • 07:25:11: Morning! Dreading today and what I'll have to do like whoa. Send some good vibes my way, please?
  • 07:27:17: Must not think dirty thoughts about Yuu's latest tweet.. It's not intentional,it's his engrish.. But you know,at times he feels hard..! >D
  • 18:51:12: "What do u want to lift with that fork?" - "My balls!" - "You won't be able to" - "I know,I need to find them first"
  • 18:52:02: My dad and I have always such cultural exchanges...
  • 19:49:09: I'll take my crazy office over my insane family any day. I just had to break up my parents as my mom started hitting.
  • 19:49:48: I got hit for my trouble and she almost broke my glasses. She's a fucking nut job and I'm sick of her, I'm sick of it all
  • 21:33:17: She kicked him out. He has to sleep in the car cause she's a fucking egoist and won't even let him have the couch.
  • 21:34:47: She doesn't care she's ruining the lives of 2 over 80s mothers and dragging 3 families in this mess,she only cares abt herself and her pride
  • 21:36:00: She even said outloud she doesn't give a damn about me and I should get out of her house as well.

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