July 31st, 2012

HP Devil

*blowing off the dust*

I'm in the office, with no Internet access cause boss forgot to the pay the bill AGAIN, so what better way to occupy my time than to check LJ on my phone?

I've had it with this place, with the people left and everything related to this job in general.
The people I was gonna seriously miss are leaving one after the other. Which is a good thing cause it gave me the kick in the pants I needed to seriously hunt for new jobs again.
So my days at work as of now are filled with 2/3 hours of actual work and 4/5 of job hunting and doodling around.
I'm currently counting the days til my summer leave: August 11!
Only 2 weeks cause boss saw it fit to take away a week of leave but I'll take anything.
I just hope I'll find something before I have to come back.

And on August 15... LONDON!!!
I'm trying again, we'll see if this summer I'll manage to have my trip there.
Speaking of which: suggestions on which sites to hunt? I already decided on Greenwitch, Notting Hill, Camden Town and seeing a musical. Possibly doing a dorky walk around the Harry Potter film sites and hunt for Star Trek books in the libraries.
Which other sites could I hit?

I already saw the Westminster area, Buckingam Palace/Trafalgar, Madame Tussauds and British Museum/Library.

Suggestions? :D

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