November 9th, 2012


Quiet, relaxing evening

2 posts in 3 days, I feel almost proud of myself XD
It makes me sad though that I only had to go back 3 pages in my Friends List... I remember the days where if I stayed away for 1 day I had to go back 8-10 pages :(
It's depressing that most of the posts I found are feeds from Kimeru's blog >_>
I wonder what happened...
Is it that life got suddely busy as a bitch for everyone or is it that LJ is not a good place to post in anymore? :/

I ate really late tonight, but for once it wasn't because I had to stay late at work.
My mom decided to go TONIGHT to pick up my cat from the vet, with public transportations might I add. About a month ago he feel out our kitched window, little psychotic hooligan that he is >_>
The vet "stitched" his leg with nils on the inside and some kind of exernal metal support. The problem is that he keeps jumping, trying to tar it off with his teeth an being a general nutcase about it. This was the third time we had to take him in to have the metal support fixed. This time he had decided to go and be Indiana Jones under my parents' bed at 6 in the morning.
His support got caught between the bed springs and the bed's leg.
Fun times being woken up by your cat meowing as if they were cutting him in half :\
Right now he's thankfully being relatively calm, and sitting at the foot of my bed while I'm IN bed writing this XD

Forgot that most of you don't know the little menace's name.
Meet Sirius :P

Speaking of Sirius, I'm feeling like dabbing into the Harry Potter fandom again.
Wonder what the Remus/Sirius fanbase is producing right now... Mmh... I think I'll go and find out.

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