November 15th, 2012

SM Setsuna

Remember that as a teenager is the last you'll be happy to hear the phone is for you

This morning I turned on my pc at work to find a mail from our area manager demanding to know basically why our production is sucking right now. And he's demanding an answer from me and my colleagues, not our bosses.
Did I mention we're STILL not been paid this month? Someone promised he would pay us on November 5th... Right.
It's already shaping up to be a wonderful day.

I'm distracting myself by focusing on tomorrow, girls' night out.
I predict there will be lots of general bitching and unwinding XD
And when the Firdays distraction will be over, I'll have Saturday: lunch and afternoon out with the group of friends I'll be going to London with.
4 of us will be going for a 3 day trip there in December ^o^

And if I need more immediate distraction, I open up my email and stare at the stuff my colleague Anna and I ordered and should be getting here soon...
Just an example:

Nail Glitters

Either my world is getting very shallow or I'm getting more and more desperate XD

Back to work.