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I bring you... my cooking experiments!

I can go from being totally absent to totally spam you XD
Sorry! ^^;

Anyway, since I'm seeing HBP with the cousin who introduced me to the beauty that is Harry Potter, I got invited to lunch to their home tomorrow (we'll go at the 2PM showing).
I probably should have started by saying that I found the most amazing LJ community called bakebakebake... the pics of the stuff they post is enough to make anyone want to try their hands at baking.
So I did try, thinking tomorrow's lunch would be as good an excuse as any.

I decided to make Raffaello Cupcakes, aka cupcakes with white chocolate and coconut inspired by the Raffaello chocolates.

The recipe intrigues me... basically just "dump everything in a bowl, mix, bake and decorate".
My favorite kind of recipe XD

Thankfully the quantities were for a large number of cupcakes, cause the first batch turned out... burned :(

(stupid fucking heat, it screws everything I try to cook lately, especially meat)

The second batch turned out a bit better:

The end result was this:

(I'm not a precise woman and it shows...)

Not a Class A result but at least they taste ok. My parents tried the burnt batch and liked it so I figure those will be ok XD

I feel accomplished with very little XD
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