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Here comes the HBP post

I saw the movie this afternoon.
Let me just start by saying it'll be impossible for me to write a coherent review cause I'm still reeling from it and mentioning random stuff I loved/hated/noticed XD

#1 fact is that I want to see again, NOW!
I'm considering going on my own tomorrow to see the english spoken version of it, that's how sad I am.

For the rest, I'll keep it to random bullet points:

☆ The cinematography in this one was just brilliant!

☆ WTF Harry spending his summer riding trains and getting hit on by a random chick?

☆ I wanted to see Dumbledore nailing the Dursleys. Damn you, writers! ;_;

☆ I liked how his arrival at the Burrow was orchestrated, seeing the different heads pop up at different floors.

☆ Baby dragons roasting chestnuts in Diagon Alley, and in August? o_O

☆ WTF @ GINNY. "Oh hullo Harre. We never exchanged a word in past films but suddenly we have dis MAD connection! My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard! Cause I'm just so hot and interesting except... not".
(I admit Ginny's personality transformation was already weird in the book, but they didn't even attempt to make sense of Harry sudden interest in her. It was just there. Assumed. And Bonnie, babe. Change your facial expression sometime

☆ WTF @ Dumbledore inquiring about Harry dating Hermione? The writers just couldn't help themselves, uh? XD

☆ Baby!Voldie was hella creepy. Fabulous!

☆ LUNA. You stole the show. Again. The character and the actress are just... perfect.

☆ I had read so many wonderful comments about the scene with Harry and Felix Felicis that I was really looking forward to it... but our dubbing actor didn't sell it at all. He's always had this hyper, kind of giddy way to deliver his lines so you couldn't tell the difference at all. Meh. ;_;

☆ I never found Draco Malfoy or Tom Felton attractive or interesting. NEVER. But damn Tom for looking so fine in a black suit and totally selling to me Draco's drama more than even the books did. A +.

☆ I knew I shouldn't have gotten excited over Remus being in the movie. 3 minutes on screen and they fucked up his storyline completely. Menstrual Temperamental werewolf who lets Tonks follow him and call him "Looove" without objecting at all. WTF, I'd rather they had left them out and brought them back in DH explaining shortly their troubled romance, but not like this!
This means the massive fight with Harry WON'T happen, it wouldn't make sense. Why does everyone loves to fuck over my poor Remus?

☆ Harry, Dumbledore and the potion in the cave. Oww. Oww, that hurt. It was well executed, I loved that part, however rushed it was. But I wanted to have the "I'm not afraid, I'm with you Harry" line in the film, I wanted it so badly.

☆ I know many already complained about the final scenes and DD's death. I'm not gonna repeat the complaints. I can understand why the big fight was kept out of the film. But hell to the naw to Harry willingly stepping aside and watching as DD gets murdered without moving a finger. It made sense when he was, ya know, Petrified by DD. And hell, listening to Snape? Since when?!?

☆ I admit I'm a fool, I cried during the raised wands scene. Actually tears streaming down my face. *ashamed*

I'll stop before I write a poem longer than my RL posts.
Overall I loved it, the trick about not reading the book again worked.

This movie needs to leak online like NOW.
Why no bootleg copy is up yet?!?
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