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Better by far you should forget and smile than that you should remember and be sad

You can always tell when my parents are home.
I tend to disappear from LJ :\

They came back on Saturday morning, we already had our small fights and all is as it usually is.
I got excited cause mother Saturday offered to eat japanese food with me and dad and even suggested we could go to the movies... something unheard of before from her.
But of course, the japanese food happened (take-away) but the movies... she's already turning her nose and huffing about the very idea.

Not much else has been going on, I drove again on Sunday to take my grandma around, my father was in the passenger seat and he behaved surprisingly well. He's a very nervous person, he shouts a lot without realizing it, but you could tell he was doing a massive effort in keeping quiet and not unnerve me XD

My cousins went to Puglia and they'll be gone til the end of Augusts. It'll be quite boring without them, but at least Cris and Maria Chiara are still here.

That's it from my boring self XD

EXCEPT! Who saw Yuichi's blog? Who was able to resist the cuteness that were Yanagi and him? ♥.♥
Tags: parents, rl, yanagi
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