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Vocal post bust

Hullo, hullo!
I haven't been around LJ in the past few days. For some reason weekends are even more stressful and obligations-packed than week days in my family.
I spent Saturday accompanying mom around and Sunday bended in two from period cramps with my cousins visiting.

Today I was supposed to have my first full day at the call center but in the end they made me do less. Still, they stuck me in front of a pc and phone of my own and I did wrote some contracts.

Now I'm home... but truth be told I wanted to make a vocal post.
After years of chickening out, I was feeling adventurous enough to let you hear my un-sexy voice and my italianglish :P
BUT! Vodafone failed me. It won't let me call any of the LJ numbers for vocal posts.
Well, screw you Vodafone and LJ! You know how much soul-searching I had to do to work out the nerve to call?!? (not really, but we can pretend for dramatic effect)

I'm bummed by this failure...
Oh well! Guess you'll never know what my voice sounds like when attempting to speak english :P

How are you girls doing?
How's your weekend been?
(Not gonna address Milan and football. They're dead to me)
Tags: fastweb, lj voice post, rl
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