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Been having abdomen ache for quite some time, at least 3 weeks.
Off and on, not perpetually, but every few days always back.
More often than not, on my right side, sometimes left.
Though about colite. The doc said so.
But it kept coming, til last week I got fed up and asked the doc agian about it. She just agreed to make me take an ecography, which I'll do today.

I'm scared...I don't know what is it.
She said it was not appendix, yet yesterday I spent the day hurting on the right side of my tummy, taking til the leg. Mom, dad, relatives... after yesterday, they're all conviced it is appendix instead.
I thought so too and in my panic of "OMG, if I eat too much I could go in peritonite" I didn't eat shit last night and today :quiver

I don't know what to think...if to wish for appendix (at least I know what is it) or something else since I don't want to have surgery.

Wish me luck.
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