Stefy ~ ステフィ (pharrezychica) wrote,
Stefy ~ ステフィ

When there's not enough to fill up a post... My Twitters!

13:34 Woke up with one hell of a tummy-ache that hasn't left me yet.Damn it,I have stuff to do & still don't trust tummy to let me go out-grumble- #

13:38 I was only planning to experiment with some baking today... stupid tummy-ache isn't gonna stop me from doing it, damn it! #

17:33 I'm addicted to this video. How can this girl be so good as Sebastian? *.* #

21:29 Fuck my immature parents and their tempers. If I'm in a bad mood I get bitched at, but when they are no one has to open their mouths. #</ p>

22:42 Wolf's Rain is never exactly something I should rewatch to cheer myself up... but damn, it's so beautiful and tragic. #

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