Stefy ~ ステフィ (pharrezychica) wrote,
Stefy ~ ステフィ

From Twitter 01-30-2010

  • 00:33:49: Going to sleep now... and praying my toothache will have left me in the morning. Oyasumi!
  • 11:56:43: Morning gals! Just got back from grocery shopping. Italians..insanity at its finest when it comes to grocery shopping.
  • 17:19:32: I feel like trying to make some graphics/icons... it's been ages since I made anything....
  • 18:32:56: Fuck Photobucket and its new 90 days of inactivity policy. 95% of the tutorials I saved are lost now.
  • 22:21:18: Trying to post my last January rec on Crack_broom... why did HTML had to fail me TONIGHT?

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