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Weird nighmares...

It's been 2 nights now.
Early in the morning, just before waking up, I have a nightmare related to 'real' things. 'Real' people in situations that makes me really anxious with their...'realness'.

Last night I dreamt I had a huge fight with my uncle and aunt from Puglia, and it was SO real and detailed that when my dad mentioned them at dinner, I had to stop and remind myself it had been just a nightmare.
This morning again.
I dreamt I had a huge fight with my parents cause I didn't get prepared in time for the univeristy exams in the fall, and it was horrible. Made me feel such anguish.

Maybe I should move back to drinking coffee in the evening, since camomille seems to have absurd reactions on my body...
I'm gonna prepare myself a cup of the miraculous tea I discovered: made out of coconut and cocoa seeds', flavored with vanilla. Hope the Lupin remedy will work.
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