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Senseless update to make up for my total lack of presence in the last...period? ^^;

Who wants to volunteer a mean to save pics from Ameba's blogs?
Specifically Kimeru's blog?
Yep, I'm getting back to my stalkerish pathetic ways, and after spending a Sunday looking for the blogs of all the First Cast Tenimyu and perusing them like a maniac, I came across this:

Eeeeeeh! >D >D >D
It lives!

Too bad it seems someone taught Ameba's bloggers the trick of locking pics in and forbid their savings >=||

In my stalking perusing, I also came across this:

Surprise birthday celebration? Happy Birthday Koutarou?!?

ZOMG, what is this cuteness???

I'm growing rather appreciative of Mrs Mr Kimeru...
Tags: fangirling, yanagi
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