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The wonders to be discovered in the back of one's closet....

I have today off, it's a national holiday.
I ended up spending most of the morning and afternoon cleaning out my closet for the switch between winter/summer clothes. For once I decided to be thorough, I put aside stuff I knew I wasn't gonna wear anymore... I even sucked it up and finally threw away stuff I was still keeping around in the hopes I'll fit in them again someday >_>

The good thing is that I did find some stuff that fits me again!

But the best thing?
I found this little piece of clothing in the top half of my closet, where a lot of my wishful-thinking outfits were, and it brought back so many memories...!

There's no better place for me to share this than LJ, the one place where *this* might be understood :P
This was a gift from so_wicked

Remember this, K?

I feel like I need to bring out N*E*R*D's "In search of..." and crank it up! XD
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