Stefy ~ ステフィ (pharrezychica) wrote,
Stefy ~ ステフィ

From Twitter 06-02-2010

  • 00:32:49: Okie, going to bed... too beaten to keep my eyes open, I've gotten old XD Nighty night! <3
  • 13:26:59: Been cleaning out my closet for the summer since this morning. Usually I hate it,but I'm finding stuff I completely forgot I had! It's fun!
  • 13:28:33: And I'm fitting in stuff I didn't fit in last year! >D Maybe stressing out has its positive aspects :P
  • 16:23:16: Little oops... I can't find the software for my dig camera for download. Think if I just copy and paste the pics it will be ok? >_>
  • 16:43:51: Moving my dad's movies to an external disk, then hopefully I'll be able to start installing softwares...
  • 17:10:26: Shit,shit,shit!!! When did photobucket delete my lj mood theme images?!?!
  • 17:59:00: How did I not know that D-Boys got a twitter account? *shame faced*
  • 18:24:36: Crap, dinner time =_=
  • 19:04:01: RT @DBOYS_info: 【柳浩太郎】みんなお疲れちゃ~ん☆今日は、ダーリン(遠藤ゆうや)とリュウキ(高橋りゅうき)と一緒に取材の仕事だよ~。おれのブログに写真上げるから楽しみに待っててね☆ ~ラストゲーム #lastgame #engeki
  • 19:04:39: Aww, coverage with his darling. I love that some things never change. Suddenly my week looks brighter *_*
  • 19:18:16: Waiting for mom to free the bathroom..then it'll be shampoo time, getting ready to go back to RL and the office U.U
  • 19:24:46: Shampoo time... later gater!
  • 20:31:51: Let it be known I tried to catch up on LJ.. but I got ditracted by the Twitter/D-Boys party with Chris and Fila XD
  • 21:02:12: Day off is over. Gotta tuck in early in preparation for tomorrow. Thanks for the fun, guys! Night <3

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