Stefy ~ ステフィ (pharrezychica) wrote,
Stefy ~ ステフィ

From Twitter 06-08-2010

  • 07:52:27: Good morning. Turns out maybe I shouldn't have gone to bed so soon, I feel jet lagged. It'll be a long way to go til 7pm tonight...
  • 08:33:41: U know how they say that when u sneeze twice in quick succession someone is talking abt u?Just happened.It better not have come from work.
  • 13:32:53: He finally did it,he made me snap and yell at him.U can't expect to handle advanced things when u fucking can't call a client without making
  • 13:34:00: back out of the contract we're trying to stipulate. -raging-
  • 20:07:20: I forgot Rule #1 when wearing contact:DO NOT RUBE YOUR EYES SENSELESSY ONCDE YOU TAKE THEM OFF. Oww >_<
  • 20:15:04: I'm an imbecile...I accepted a Follow request but forgot to click Follow back thinking it was automatic *looks at @WickedKristina*
  • 21:16:20: Retarded moments Part 2: put the wire for charging my laptop in... shame I didn't plug it INTO my lapyop... =_=
  • 21:32:55: I guess I lost the fight tonight as well... Iìm sorry ;__; Good night bbs! <3

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