Stefy ~ ステフィ (pharrezychica) wrote,
Stefy ~ ステフィ

From Twitter 07-06-2010

  • 09:39:29: Hello! Going to work hoping for a better day than yesterday. And hoping to have time to write an email to Ruby...need some advice!
  • 09:42:51: What have my boys been up to anyway? Any more tweet-banters? Yanagi still alive?
  • 13:13:04: Lunch. Eating spaghetti with the sauce from the roast we made Sunday. Yummy!
  • 16:33:59: Giving my coworker Serena some muck needed knowledge on Pharrell... and his music *lick him up* >D
  • 17:09:21: Of course they're gonna give clients to call after 6PM,when I'm alone in the office. Thank you pseudo-boss!
  • 19:02:22: GOING HOME! SAYONARA OFFICE! *slams door*
  • 19:18:36: Melting in a subway carriage. Why did I have to get the one without air-conditioning?!
  • 21:24:42: Aye. Better head off to bed, in hopes of some releif from the heat. See you bbs! <3
  • 21:44:22: ASJKDHFLKEIN SO GLAD I CHECKED BEFORE BED! He's doing so good!! <3_<3
  • 21:44:42: Ok, after the spazzing now it's bed for real. Night!

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