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Hard to fit so much in 1 post... but I'll try!

Hello, hello! ♥
Long time no see, precious LJ *smooches*
I've missed you guys, and having time to check the friends list or post.

Thankfully now I have a little break from work so I have more time for you and can tell you what's been happening in the last few months...

Speaking of work: the situation has kinda deteriorated.
My supervisor quit at the end of May (I probably told you already), so I became responsible for the inbound section of the office. Problem is that this company is slowly but surely going broke and the bank where their bank account is is my dad's bank.
Now I've been offered a position in a much "stabler" company, I'm going Tuesday for an interview.
The problem is that they'll probably need me to start max in September, but I won't be back in my office until August 30 and my kind of contract asks of me to give 30 days notice before quitting.
My parents keep telling me "Who cares if you lose money by breaking the contract beforehand, it's a good opportunity!". My reservations aren't about my bosses, but my coworkers.
As crazy as they drive me, I like them. I have a good relationship with the 2 people that work with me, I'm comfortable with the girls running the Outbound division and they support me and try to help me... I'll feel like the biggest bitch if I quit without notice, I'd cause Serena no small amount of trouble (the girl keeps telling me how terrified she is about having to be in the office alone for 2 weeks in August, when very few clients are around, I can't up and leave without having prepared her a little...)
I'm very torn. I guess I'll see what happens Tuesday.
Day in which I've also been invited out shopping by Samuele and his boyfriend XD

In happier news, at the end of July my best friend got married!
As I told you, I was her Best Woman/Maid of Honor kind-of-thing... I was so nervous!
But the ceremony was very quick, 10 minutes top. It was just them, their parents, myself and Federico's brother (who was his best man). And Chiara, of course!
As luck would have it, it was the ONLY rainy day in all of July. It looked like a scene out of a comic movie: as soon as we stepped out of the ceremony hall we were hit by buckets of rain XD
So most of the pictures we took were indoors, the wedding couple was brave enough to stand under the rain (might had something to do with the groom's father brandishing a camera at them and telling them to stand under the trees XD)

Here are some pictures for you :)

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

I don't know if I've said it here, but in the end I did it: I planned a trip to London.
I'll be going there from August 17 til August 24 all on my own, attempting to visit everything I always wanted to see in this great city :D
I would love to be able to meet those of you who will happen to be in the area (looks pointedly at Katka).
Also, Ruby? I know you're not truly in the area, but would by some miracle be possible for us to meet?

I'm gonna try to bring my laptop with me and hope that it'll work with the hotel's wifi connection... just so you'll be able to hear me babble in real time! XD

So, last week Chris got me involved in her plot to stalk S-BOYS all through the inter-web....
In other words, I joined Ameba Pigg and got addicted to it.
I've been trying to figure out how it works and what to do all week long (keep in mind it's a japanese site, and I don't speak a lick of japanese, let alone read it) but today I had the biggest victory: I was able to see Igarashi and Adachi in the D-BOYS Pigg area and got treated to a nice striptease by them both >DDD

The evidence?

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Adachi naked behind a billboard seconds before getting mobbed/molested by 3 girls.

Free Image Hosting at

Here we have Igarashi on stage in one of his many outfits... see if you can guess where I am :P

Free Image Hosting at

And last, but def. not least: Igarashi at the end of his striptease seconds before leaving. Keep in mind this is the only shot I could get cause he spent all his naked time running among us girls XD

Free Image Hosting at

Yep, not a dull Sunday at all XD
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