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Hello from London! :D

After much swearing and almost crying I managed to make the hotel wireless connection work.
Hello my darlings! :D

I don't know where to start... what a day!
So, I arrived at the Milan airport 3 hours earlier (thanks dad XD), spent the time reading one of the guides yet again... I was too wired to eat so I only had orange juice as breakfast (and I paid it later). It was my first flight on time, gotta give it to these english people!
I was really worried about the taking the train for central London and most of all about getting to the hotel: I made some calculations and decided I could afford a taxi and it would probably be best than the underground considering a) the luggage b) my utter terror of London's underground system.
In the end, I didn't need to worry: train was easy to catch (even befriended 2 german girls who had trouble finding it XD) and the taxi was right outside, big and spacious and the driver was really helpful.
I arrived to the hotel 2 hours earlier than check-in time but again the girl at the reception was incredibly helpful and managed to give me the room in half an hour. In that half hour I took a first tour of the area... it's so nice!
Thankfully I managed to pick a very touristic area, there are restaurants and fast foods everywhere and from every possible country (so far I've seen Italian, American, Indian, Chinese, Libanese, Greek beside the usual Mc Donald's, Burger King, Starbucks and the likes).
I decided to pop into Starbucks for a quick bite for lunch, got a Lemon&Poppy Seed Muffin plus a Frappuccino: Mistake #2.

(God, I'm yapping, aren't I?)

Shortening it!

Anyway, after getting situated in the room I took off, destination: Kensington Gardens .

I had printed the map, highlighted all the spots I wanted to see... and for once, it was a pretty successufull outing!
I started off at Victoria's Gate, for a very specific reason: I was looking for The Pet Cemetery. Urban legend?
Nope, cause after some touring around and rounding back I found it!
Mind you, entry is forbidden so I had to take pics from the gate:

After that I hit the Italian Gardens (even though it would be more accurate to call them Italian Fountains)

Next was the search for the Peter Pan's statue. After a bit of walking it became pretty easy to spot: there was a shitload of kids harassing it, I waited 10 minutes for them and their mothers to leave then got fed up and took a picture anyway XD

Next came the hard part: I wanted to go straight for the Albert Memorial, but I made the mistake of taking a detour for Lady Diana's Fountain... the fountain itself is really nice, it's basically a circle of water with different depths and it's the only area where people are allowed to play in the water, shoes off and everything. t was too big to take a full picture so here's a small section:

The detour costed me: I lost my way and starting going around... walked all the way to the other side of the park, had to double back... just as I was ready to give up, I spotted it from the back:

Lol, rounded back and managed to find myself in front of the Albert Memorial.
It was worth it to be stubborn to find it: the thing is HUGE! And so beautiful!
Pictures don't make it justice, it's really majestic. The golden statue alone is huge:

I turn by back to it and what do I get? Oh, The Albert Royal Hall!

Have to admit I felt pretty accomplished. Got a cappuccino from a kiosk to celebrate on my way to the last spot: Kensignotn Palace.
By this point my legs were killing and my head felt light, I hadn't eaten a thing beside that muffin and it started to show. But serendipity took pity on me and by the time I got to the Palace it was too late to enter. Which is just as well cause on the way back I realized I forgot the Queen Victoria Statue... I'll look for it once I'll go properly visit the Palace.

So this was my first day in London!
The day ended on an ironic note cause after giving way too much thought over where to have dinner I settled on a pub advetising the best Fish&Chips of the area.
I get in and ask for it, only to be told they were out of it and I should check another pub down another street >_>
To which point I said "To hell with it", got Burger King stuff and came back here XD

Tomorrow I'm still a bit undecided on what to do: I want to make a Thames Cruise - London Eye - Westminster tour but if it's foggy as it was today the London Eye ticket might be just a waste of money...
Maybe I'll hit Madame Tussauds/Sherlock Holmes museum instead, if I can manage to beat my fear of the Underground. I'm so afraid to get lost! >_<
Now I'm off to study the stops...
Later guys! ♥
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