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Who wants to hear about me being a certified idiot? (aka: London Day 2)

Get ready for a tale a true, certified idiocy.

I opened my eyes at 7AM, first thing I did was look outside: GASP! Blue sky! Sun! Must be fate! I'm hitting the London Eye!!

I get dressed, rush breakfast knowing I would certainly find a long ass ticket line. I got to the underground and it's breeze, I even managed to help an english speaking lady who couldn't figure out which way to go. I get to Westminster, had to block tears coming up my eyes at the realization I was staying right below the Big Ben (yes, I'm that big of a sap), get in the London Eye queue and I walk away with a combined ticket London Eye + Cruise just 10 minutes later.
Get on the London Eye right when it opens, clear sky and wonderful ride.
As soon as I touch land, the sun goes away and wind picks up... was the sun there just for me? O.O

While waiting for boarding time for the cruise I get a "Manga Coffee", never heard of it but it was one delicious coffee *_*
I get a call from Serena from the office, we chat and have a good time, then I board my cruise.
Cold as hell but the trip is wonderful, the guide was quirky and so british in his humor..!
As we pass Tower Bridge (the tears!!) he goes "Keep in mind people: legend say that if you wave to the people walking on Tower Bridge and they wave back you'll get 5 years of luck!"
Cue: waving!! (and yet...)

Cruise ended at about 12:30PM but I was still wired from the manga coffee so I headed straight for Westminster Abbey. Monstrous queue.
Inside I took a proper tour: meaning audio guide = listening to everything = hitting every single stone. Visit takes 30 minutes?
Yeah, I took 1 hour and a half =_=

When I got out after 3PM I was reasonably famished and the tourists in the area had increased exponentially. I pushed and shoved until I landed in a place called Chopstix: eat all you want for £ 6.99! In I go!
Sat next to 2 asian ladies and pigged on fried fish, rice noodles, samonas and the likes. I even took seconds, which I never do... and that was the mistake.
While eating my first round I got a text from my cousin and texted her back. When I got up to take seconds I was paranoid enough that I even brought my plastic bag of souvenirs with me to the self-service area.
I go out and head for the underground station, intent on getting to the hotel, dropping the bag and hitting Kensington Palace. I remember I left my phone on mute from the abbey so I go to take it out... and it's not there.
I rush to Westminster Bridge to lean and to side and dumped the contents of my bag: IT WASN'T THERE.
I remember that after texting cousin I had put it on the table... PANIC.
I rush back, shoving people and generally being rude but the staff at the restaurant said they hadn't seen it. I remember the 2 asian ladies eyeing me and I curse them in 5 different languages.
I block a policewoman on the street and she tells me I need to go to a police station but she didn't know which one was closest to my hotel. I get back and ask the girl at the reception who has no idea either and looks for the station on internet. I get in my room and map at the hand try to figure out how to get there. At which I said to hell with it, went to hail a taxi and went there, documents and serial for the sim card at hand.
The police tells me that since it happened on private property they couldn't do anything and just gave me a paper stating it so I could ask to Vodafone to block my sim.
I go to a Vodafone point and the guy tells me he can't do anything since it's not an UK sim.
I ended up buying for £20 a cheap phone and a pay as you go card to call my parents since they would likely have heart attacks otherwise.
I call them... explain... dad freaks out. I ask them to call Vodafone italian customer care to block my sim.
As dad is trying to do so somehow he calls my number... and I feel a vibration coming from my bag O_O
I throw almost everything on the floor, dump everything else on the bed and pushing around I find the place the vibration was coming from: a pocket hidden behind a serie of other pockets I didn't even know I had...


Short version? I sent an afternoon convinced I got my cellphone stolen, reported it to the police, bought a fucking new phone and sim card only to realize my phone was there all along.
I cried.
From the nerves and from the sheer frustration of it all.
Then proceeded to bang my head on the wall. Wish it was a figure of speaking.
Now I'm drowning my depression in a Chai Latte cause I'm too angry at myself to eat anything.
Now I'm off to take a shower =_=
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